Reveal the Truth by automatically saving your valuable video recordings!
A Technology Development of the highest standard for everybody!

Anti-Heat system

An Internal Digital Temperature Sensor that prevents system-error or damage.

Various Recording

Continuous Recording, Event Recording, Emergency Recording and Voice Recording.

Smart PC viewer

Provides all information of data, recorded through our PC Viewer software.

Smart Battery Saving

This feature prevents the vehicle's battery discharge.

Self-format function

Available, so you can format the Micro SD Card by simply pressing one button!

Customer Support

We are promising perfect Customer Service - always!

OTOSAVER Car Dash Cams

A Technology Development of the highest standard for everybody!



4 inch wide Full Touch LCD Car Dash Cam. User Friendly Interface.

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Accident Recorder


Automatically power disconnected function. Anti-Heating System by Digital Temperature sensor.

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Korean Automobile Security Camera


Memory card self-formatting function. Dual images simulcast monitoring function.

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Professional Dash Camera Manufacturer


Freely real-time play while driving. IR waterproof rear camera (optional)

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HD Dash Cam


5 Mega Pixel 1080P The highest Quality of Full HD car dash cam. Vivid and clear Full HD image
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Car Drive video recorder


Continuous Recording in Parking mode, Event mode (all files recorded in event mode are saved separately)

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Digital Camera Camcorder


2 channel HD high security Car Dash Cam. 2Mega Pixel Color CMOS Camera Lens

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Blackbox Security System


Automatic switch to parking recording mode. Different type of recording mode

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4 inch Wide FULL TOUCH LCD Car Dash Cam

New generation of the dual cameras vehicle drive recorder provides recordings simultaneously for both sides of front and rear with confirmed real time play by built in LCD monitor. It is very easy to control all functions by 4.0 inch Full Touch Screen and User Friendly Interface. Furthermore - it executes 6 each orders by the Quad-Play System simultaneously. Especially - the DAS-5000L innovation offers over a three times faster processing speed than any other device.

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5Mega Pixel 1080P Full HD Car Dash Cam

The DAS-3000HD is a high quality vehicle black box drive recorder, designed to provide you with many hours of continuous clear 5.0Mega Pixels Full HD 1080P video and sound recordings with integrated GPS location, speed and direction of travel. (GPS Module optional) The DAS-3000HD video files can be used as evidence in legal actions and motor vehicle insurance claims to prove liability.

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High Quality! High Security!

High quality 2-channel recording resolution / 2Mega Pixel Color CMOS Camera Lens / An angle of 100 degrees / Various types of recording modes / Switch to 'automatic parking recording' mode when the device is connected to 'continuous power supply' / Internal Super Cap battery / Saving a recording data safely when the power is suddenly cut off from the device / Internal G-sensor / Voice-Guidance / Security LED and Video out of socket for external output display / Internal GPS / Internal RTC.

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Certificate Promising Small & Medium Enterprise by Daejeon Metropolitan City.
Launched Dual Channel’s Full Touch LCD Screen Dash Camera OTOSAVER DAS-5000L


Obtained ISO:14001, ISO:9001 Certifications


Became one of six winners in 2013 Global Up Program Competition in Daejeon Metropolitan City and received "Global Excellence Company" Certificate Award

dashboard camera


DAS-3000HD was selected as HIT 500


Received the grand prize in Digital YTN E-BIZ Brand Award.


Launched 2-channel vehicle camera OTOSAVER DAS-1300

accident camera


Successful M&A with R&Tech


Established NEOROAD R&D Center


Best seller of vehicle's security camera industry in domestic market


Established NEOROAD CO., Ltd


Welcome to NEOROAD

NEOROAD CO. LTD is one of the top manufacturers for Vehicle's Dashboard Digital Video Camera Recorder. We are keeping very close technical cooperation to our high quality and reliable technology development. Since established in 2008 and based on the accumulated expertise and experience in the automotive industry, NEOROAD was launched with high quality and reliable products with the OTOSAVER brand and through steady R&D improvement. We will always do our best to satisfy our customers by providing the best quality and the most reliable products.

2013 Developed ‘Unmanned Valet Parking Technology’ controlled by a smart phone.
2012 Developed world’s best level 4G Telecommunications System ‘LTE-Advanced’
2011 Developed ‘Transmittance Controlling Transparent Display Technology’ providing vivid images even in the daytime.
2007 Developed World’s first ‘3.6 Gbps 4G Wireless Transmission System (NoLA)’
2004 Developed World’s first Portable Internet Service (Wibro) and Ground Wave (DMB)
1996 Succeeded World’s first CDMA commercialization and top class in PCS industry.
1988 Developed 4M, 16M, 256M Memory Semiconductor and took leadership in the world market.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324
Email : info@otosaverdashcams.com

Gino A. Marconi
Distributor for the U.S.
Cell: (954) 865-1055

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OTOSAVER Extending Worldwide


We are always trying to provide the best service worldwide and to satisfy our customers in providing the highest quality and most reliable products in regards to our VEHICLE DRIVE VIDEO RECORDER.
Our company expanded globally, with more than 30 business partners in 25 different countries around the world.

Why OTOSAVER Company?

OTOSAVER Company is one of the top manufacturers.

A company connected with ETRI

ETRI is a government-backed Research Institute.

ETRI is a government-backed top technology Research Institute of the Republic of South Korea. OTOSAVER is working in cooperation with ETRI for the development of high quality and reliable technology.

The ETRI, government-contributed research institute

ETRI is government-contributed research institute and top of technology-oriented research institue in Republic of Korea. we occupied technical cooperation with ETRI to development high quality and reliable technology.

We have Received the Village Prize Award with our OTOSAVER Brand from the 2013 Trademark-Design Rights.
Certificate Promise of Small & Medium Enterprise by Daejeon Metropolitan City.
HIT 500 by the Small & Medium Business Corporation.
We were one of six winners for the 2013 Global Up Program Competition in the Daejeon Metropolitan City and we were awarded the Certificate as a "Global Excellence Company".

We have obtained the following Certifications:

ISO:14001 & ISO:9001
FCC, CE, KC for DAS-5000L.
FCC, CE, VCCI, E-mark, KC for DAS-3000HD.

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