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Blackbox Battery Saver

When the car black box needs to be connected with car battery power directly, the battery saver (BS-1224) should be used in between car black box and car battery power.

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Battery Saver was designed to prevent dis charging of vechicle's battery. With setting up Voltage directly by user, the power is automatically turned off.

The best choice. BATTERY SAVER

Power off Voltage Setting

It performs a role of supplying constant power and prevents discharging beforehand.

dash cam power saver


This device is designed to protect the car battery from its discharging. But the manufacturer does not guarantee its protection by 100 %, because it mainly depends on the environment how long, how and when to operate the car.

Especially if the car is not driven for a long time, such as longer than 1 day, the black box is recommended to be disconnected from the car battery power.

dash cam battery saver