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The DAS-5000L Vehicle Drive Recorder is a new generation of dual cameras, designed to provide recordings for both sides front and rear simultaneously with viewing recorded images as real time play on 4.0-inch wide LCD built in monitor without separate players and connect cables. You can control all functions very easily on the Full Touch Screen with user-friendly interface and DAS-5000HD’s high quality IPS panel which provides high luminance, high definition and a wide viewing angle.

Innovative improvement for the recorded data save method: if detected upon impact while driving, it automatically runs the save data in duplicate in order to prevent missing data. It has a data recovery function to restore and save damaged data safely. Furthermore, DAS-5000L provides and executes six orders simultaneously based on Quad-Play System with an over three times faster processing speed than any other dashboard drive recorders currently on the market.

Simply change the setting condition on the LCD screen while the device is operating and view the real time recording images for both sides front and rear in clear high quality definition. You can also get the vehicle’s voltage information directly through the LCD monitor-viewing and availability to control the voltage blocking level for automatic power disconnect-function in order to prevent the vehicle’s battery discharge.

DAS-5000L safely operates in high temperature conditions with the Anti-Heating System. The DAS-5000L’s built-in digital temperature sensor operates automatically in order to control the device’s on/off system in case of drastic temperature changes and to prevent data damage in emergency situations. It also provides a stable temperature operation with an internal high quality low heat supercap battery, designed for a low heat pattern generation.

OTOSAVER DAS-5000L automatically saves and remembers your valuable video recordings.

4-inch wide full-touch LCD Car Dash Cam Dual Camera / 1280x720p HD recording / anti-heating system to prevent degradation phenomenon / over 3 times faster processing speed / the highest quality CCD type rear camera / IR rear camera for both indoor and outdoor installation / convenient user-friendly interface with full touch-screen / adoption of the highest IPS panel / maximum brightness, high definition, wide viewing angle of 170 degrees for left and right / 160 degrees for above and below / security LED

OTOSAVER DAS-5000L - the best choice.

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Full Touch Das Cam

Easier, faster, intuitive. 4-inches Wide FULL TOUCH.

Full Touch type control-features on the newest 4.0-inch wide LCD Screen provide High Brightness, High Definition and a Wide Viewing Angle (170 degrees "fs angles for left and right, 165 degrees "fs angles for above and below) through our highest quality IPS panel.
The largest 4-inch Touch Screen provides quick scene-change with an over 3-times faster processing speed, based on the direct-function icon and the availability to play various functions such as menu-selection recorded file-display and SD card formatting by simply clicking.
It also provides PIP function, which displays both front and rear recording images on the screen in real-time recording through the LCD screen of the main device. It is very easy to check recorded images in emergency situations without the inconvenience of moving recorded data files to the computer for check-up.


6 IR illumination, built-in smart infrared sensor.

6 IR is operating 6 each IR lights by built-in smart infrared sensors and provides the highest quality of recorded images even in darkness.
Also - these IR rear cameras have been covered with a fourfold waterproof treatment for the prevention of corrosion. Installation on the outside and rear of the vehicle records blind spots perfectly.

Outdoor rear camera

More clearly ! Outdoor Rear Camera.
(With various intallation positions)

Out-door Rear Camera records outside the rear view of the vehicle, and it can record with a blind spot when the vehicle is close to another vehicle or when colliding with another vehicle it can distinguish the other vehicle's number plate.

In-door Rear Camerarecords behind the rear windshield - so if the vehicle has a tinted windshield or in darkness or when it is raining or snowing, rear camera's resolutions will be getting low.

car dash cam

Robust Camera Mount / Optimal Implementation / 1280x720p resolution of 500 million pixels / 2-megapixels image sensor.

It provides a 130 degree wide angle available to record clearly without a blind spot while driving or parking.
Especially DAS-5000L's out-door rear camera is available to distinguish clearly other vehicle's license plate number without blind spots.

wide view dash cam

Front and rear left and right 130 degree wide viewing angle.
Rear vertical angle of view with no blind spots.
Interior camera: It is available to record the inside of the vehicle.

130 degrees wide-angle which is the largest of any other brand and it supports vivid recordings without the worry of blind spots.
DAS-5000L's out-door rear camera is available to distinguish clearly other vehicle's license plate number without blind spots.

Blackbox Security Camera

Set the recording mode with the touch of once. Reboot without mode switching.

korean dash cam

Various recording modes and convenient mode switch.

Available to change recording mode with one simple click!

Continuous Recording : Save continuous recording while driving.
Continuous + Event Recording : Save event-recording with countinuous recording when vehicle gets a shock in continuous recording mode. (Every one minute in continuous recording mode, every 30 sec for manual or event recording).
Motion + Event recording : Save motion and event recording while parking surveillance recording mode.
Event recording : Save event recording only when in parking surveillance recording mode.
Clear : Only when the parking surveillance mode is not working.

Parking mode discharge-worry will disappear.

The Function of our low heat and high quality super-cap battery.

A simple setting for the power disconnect-function of the Super-Cap battery, which automatically stops to operate by automatically indicating both at 12V and 24V. The user has the possibility to select various voltage levels for the power disconnect-function and by setting the disconnect-time, the DAS-5000L will be operating during the set time only, and automatically stops operating when the time is up.

DAS-5000L functions with low heat and high quality with our super-cap battery and provides over 5 times the effectiveness and over 3 times the battery life. The Super-cap battery has been adopted into the device, and in case the power-supply suddenly stops, it is able to record 5 to 15 seconds longer in emergency situations.

parking mode cam

vechicle security cam

Recognizing the status of the car's recording modes when parking.

When the vehicle's engine is turned off then DAS-5000L automatically recognizes the vehicle's status and moves to parking surveillance recording mode, but when vehicle's ignition is being turned on, then DAS-5000L automatically moves to continuous recording mode in only 3 seconds with either sudden stops or sudden starts. When the continuous recording mode is in start, then it indicates the event recording-status as if it was actually happening.

Smart Dual-Motion Detection.

Accurate and stable front and rear motion detect-system.

DAS-5000L's smart dual-motion detect-system provides perfectly recognizeable front and rear motion to be saved completely without error. This motion-detect function is operating only in the parking surveillance- mode.

DAS 5000L

Dashboard Camera

Recording mode with the touch of a once specific memory allocation area management.

DAS-5000L is provide management function for memory segment by one simple clicking on LCD. It is available to manage memory segment economically and it is manage event recording mode, motion recording mode separately so prevent recording data loss.

Black boxes indicate the operating status that occurres in parking mode.

Create History folder.

DAS-5000L creates a history folder inside the SD card and saves a report for DAS-5000L's operating status, such as device on/off, time, reason and it is available to manage more economically with this function and to check DAS-5000L's operating condition.

car blackbox


Vehicle Black Box Recorder

The Quad-Play System is capable of operating in 6 modes simultaneously.

The Quad-Play System is capable of operating in 6 modes simultaneously, and through our newest innovation, the processing speed operates 3 times faster than any other car blackbox on the market today.

This new innovation provides fast booting in 5 seconds through a multi-processing type instead of a series-processing type used in other car blackboxes on the market today.

Dual recording files are stored on the memory card for safety.

Continuous recording and event file with double save function.

When an event happens, DAS-5000L provides a double save function for both the continuous recording file and the event recording before and after the event state.

DAS-5000L is capable to save important recorded files as a double saving function in order to protect the important recorded files and makes them available to manage economically..

Dual view car dash cam

Car drive video recorder

Missing Image Protection System.

Comparison of the recorded 'prevent loss' image-system.

(In case of formatting once a week). DAS-5000L improves the record and save system and provides better recording and save-conditions than any other product brand.

Most of car dash-cams are having problems with losing small segments of the recorded files, such as 2 seconds to 4 seconds, which are located between previous recorded files and posterior recorded files - but DAS-5000L solved this problem 99% with its multi-smart system.

SD-Card Error-Section Auto-SKIP Function.

Improved error by journaling.

DAS-5000L's multi-smart system has an automatic skip-journaling track, which is temporarily made by the SD-card's decline in speed and automatically solves safety errors from the next track. Also, it automatically restores the journaling-track by itself and prepares it for future use. Journaling-track was used for an effect before, but since DAS-5000L this point has been improved to perfection.

vehicle camera sd card

car security camera

Repairing a broken file-system due to an abnormal

Smart TEMP-Folder System.

DAS-5000L saves recorded data into the TEMP-Folder as a first step into the temporary file, and saves it again when it has become completely recorded data into each continuous recording- and event-folder. Therefore, it is easier to be managed by the SD-card's error-track with a bad sector, and also manages effectively over a 3-times higher increase. Also, it is capable to restore broken files in the TEMP-folder and protects data-files in better managed condition.

vehicle camera system

No problem, even in hot summer. Smart Anti-Heat System.

high quality dash cam

Operation of the high-temperature environment test.

DAS-5000L has successfully done a reliability test by ETRI for the anti-heating system that provides a stable operating mode in high temperatures. ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) is a top institute for IT technology and was established in 1976 by the government and most of the newest technologies originate from here.

Test certificate to operate in high temperature environments.

Smart Anti-Heating System.

Especially in the hot summer, the vehicle's temperature increases. DAS-5000L provides a stable operating condition with the Anti-Heating System. DAS-5000L automatically shuts off when the temperature is too high, and if it gets normal again it automatically re-starts its operation. The temperature of the car dash cam is almost 15 degrees higher than the vehicle's inside temperature, and this high temperature is one of the reasons of the car's dash cam shut-off.

Dash cam

best car dash cam

Makes it easy to record a video with a smart dedicated viewer.

driving recording camera

Smart and easy to play a recorded video.

OTOSAVER Smart viewer software is capable to record playback videos for both front and rear simultaneously.
It is also capable to control the playback speed, top and bottom reverse function, right and left reverse function, front and rear reverse function, google mapping and speed indicater function.

Google Maps interaction with external GPS.

If you are attaching an external GPS to the DAS-5000L, then driving information such as speed and driving location will be saved by the recorded files and can be checked via the PC viewer software.
This function is supported by detailed analysis through various ways, based on the recorded images and driving information by GPS in emergency situations.

car camera with gps

vehicle security camera

Eye of sharp shiny black box. Night is safer than daytime.

DAS 5000 Monitor

Various smart messaging features and a comment guide.

The DAS-5000L's LCD monitor indicates device's status when operating.
User can see device's status by this message guide very easily.

Sharp and shining Security LED.

DAS-5000L is easy to check the device's operating from far away and prevent vehicle accident even while parking.
IR type of waterproof rear camera is supporting this prevention especially in night.

DAS 5000L


Compact like a digital camera and convenient like a smartphone.

"Easy as a smartphone by intuitive action UI application with high-quality IPS panel, adjustable by all of the options and with a single touch
you can increase the elegance with this compact design."



Capable High quality IPS panel to provide Maximum Brightness, High Definition and wide viewing angle. It is capable to control all features easily with user friendly interface on a beautiful design full touch screen.
The user is able to control all features of the device by very simply clicking on the touch screen. It is also has a resistive touch screen and provides very easy handling.

The best choice is OTOSAVER DAS-5000L


It has a full touch type to control all features on the newest 4.0 inch wide LCD Screen and provides Maximum Brightness, High definition, Wide Viewing Angle (a 170 degree angle for left and right, a 165 degree angle for above and below) via the highest quality IPS panel.
Wide Viewing Angle is the newest technology to show the original image of the LCD screen in a wide angle and large area without distortion to the human eye.

The best choice is OTOSAVER DAS-5000L

Digital Video Recorder


You can control all functions very easily on the Full Touch screen with user friendly interface
and DAS-5000HD’s high quality IPS panel provides high luminance, high definition and wide viewing angle.



You can control all functions very easily on the Full Touch screen with user friendly interface.
The DAS-5000HD’s high quality IPS panel provides high luminance, high definition and a wide viewing angle.

Dashboard camera


"It functions easily like a smartphone intuitive action UI application with a high-quality IPS panel, all options are adjustable with a single touch,
and you can increase the elegance with our compact design."

Blackbox (Main Body)

4 inch 800 X 480 Resistive Touch screen
Front Wide Angle
130 degrees f : 1.5
1ch 30fps, 2ch (front 20fps/rear 10fps)
Recording Type
Continuous, Event, Motion, Emergency(Manually)
Saving Storage
Micro SD Card
Saving Type
Battery Type
Super Capacity
Temperature Sensor
Digital Temperature Sensor
Video Output
All features are displayed on an internal monitor screen (osd supported).
Playback recorded video image for front and rear
Power Supply
DC12V-24V. Supported Parking Surveillance Mode.
Supported Power Disconnect mode
User Interface
Full Touch Screen with User Friendly Interface
Power Disconnect
Basic internal (5~6 Level Setting)
In case of CPU error, Supported Automatic Reset Function

Rear Camera(Option)

Supported Voltage
Angle (Lens)
130 degrees f : 1.5


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